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Trained and certified
in Color Theory, Body Analysis and Personal Style by BeautiControl
Cosmetics and Image Company in 1992, Kathy knows what best complements you. In 2001, Kathy became an active member of the Association of Image Consultants Inter-national, where she continues her studies.

Professional Image Training

You've heard that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Of all the initial impressions we emit or receive, the strongest is our outward appearance. These impressions you make can create risk or opportunity. Seize your opportunity!

Beauty Is An Attitude
When a woman knows what makes her look and feel her best, she gains confidence in herself. That confidence has changed thousands of lives.

Kathy has been a consultant for
BeautiControl Cosmetics since 1992.

Skin Care, Cosmetics & Spa Products
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Kathy Marshall has helped literally thousands of individuals create a style that complements their lifestyle and confidently projects their true selves. Her method customizes color theory, fashion personality, body profile, and wardrobe and accessorizing. She can answer your style questions:

• What clothing styles will best complement you?
• How can you look pounds thinner? {with clothes you already have!}
• What styles are best for business, casual and evening?
• How important is color in my personal style?
• Do you wear 20% of your
wardrobe 80% of the time?
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Kathy regularly conducts workshops for Corporations, Social Groups and Non-Profit organizations; over 200 to date, and has consulted with over 3,000 individuals.
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